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Provider PowerChart Videos

Dragon Medical One (DMO):

  1. Introduction: Differences pdf icon
  2. Get Started with PowerMic pdf icon
  3. Add New Word or Phrases pdf icon
  4. Create Edit Auto Text pdf icon
  5. Create Step by Step Commands pdf icon
  6. Attestation

HIM Training (Go-Live July 25):
  1. Frequently Asked Questions for HIM with Providers pdf icon
  1. Attending’s - Signing Off on Discharge Summaries and Operative Notes (mp4) video icon
Job Aides:
  1. Creating a Discharge Summary using a PowerNote pdf icon
  2. Signing Discharge Summaries and Operative Reports in PowerChart for Attending’s pdf icon
ePrescribe Training:
  1. EPCS ePrescribe Controlled Substance (mp4) video icon
  2. ePrescribe Trifold pdf icon

PowerChart Overview:
  1. Overview
  1. Historical Medications pdf icon
  2. Patient List pdf icon
  3. Physician Worklist pdf icon
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